Chapter 8


Bill knew Gracie came into contact with Sookie before she met with him at his house. He also knew Gracie would be around close to Sookie to make sure she was safe. He smelled her scent at Sookie’s farmhouse and it led to Merlotte’s, where Sookie was. So he decided to go ahead, follow Sookie and trick Gracie into a trap.

“Good work, Marnie.” Bill said.

“Thank you, your majesty. What would you like me to do with this?” Marnie said, gesturing to the vampire.

“I’ll take care of it. Just keep your end of the bargain and make sure no one else gets in the way of everything!” Bill said, picking up Gracie and zooming away at vampire speed.

Bill was carrying Gracie over his shoulder smiling smugly.

Maybe if she hadn’t ran her mouth so much I wouldn’t been able to capture her. So much for being psychic.

Bill zoomed back to his house in Bon Temps, where he was going to hold Gracie and hand her over to the Authority. He’s captured a very old and powerful vampire; he’ll surely get all the power he wants knowing how coveted Gracie Law is. He chuckled to himself.  Things are looking up. Sookie will be mine forever and I’ll become one of the most powerful vampires in the United States. As it should be.

Gracie was well aware that something like this would happen. Luckily she had the power to cloak herself, so she played unconscious in Compton’s arms and called to her child, Annie. When they had arrived at Bill’s house, he went all the way down into the basement and placed Gracie in one of the jail cells. Little did Bill know his plan was about to turn to shit. She smiled to herself. She could feel her child getting close. She sent Annie a message to her mind telepathically, telling her to wait for her signal.

After Bill laid her on the bed, he took a step back and looked at her with hatred and annoyance. He turned and walked out, closed the cell and continued on route to Shreveport to catch up to Sookie. When Gracie was absolutely sure Compton was gone, she gave her child the signal to make her move. Gracie closed her eyes and with her mind she froze all the guards in place, so Annie could make a clean break.

Annie suddenly appeared wearing gloves and pried the cell doors open; breaking it off its hinges. Gracie rose from the bed and grinned at her child. Annie bowed her head.

“Mistress.” She said softly.

“Annie. Did you do everything like I asked? Everything is in place?”

“Yes. All we have to do is find a powerful good witch to perform the spell and everything should go as planned.”

“Well done, my child. Let’s get out of here. We need to get to Sookie before Compton does.” Gracie said, spitting out Compton’s name. She and Annie sped out the basement into the night on their way to Sookie. Gracie hoped everything would go as planned.

Sookie pulled into the Fangtasia parking lot. She lowered her shields scanning for minds and found only one; she was a witch named Antonia and she was right inside Fangtasia. Sookie sorted through her thoughts and found something weird. She sat in her car and listened inside Antonia’s mind. She hit a wall that was protecting her mind or rather…concealing it.

I must obey Hallow. Was all she said in her mind. She kept repeating it like she was under a trance. Sookie observed the wall and penetrated it. She successfully broke through; she stiffened and gasped. She saw the whole scene as if she were there herself.

“And what is this problem you need assisting with?” she heard the lead witch say.

“Eric Northman, sheriff of Area 5. He has something I want. And I want him gone.” Bill said.

“What’s you’re price?” Hallow asked.

“One million dollars, each… Half now, and you’ll get the other half when you have succeeded.” He said.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked the King.

“Do whatever is necessary to take down the Viking…by any means necessary.” Bill said with emphasis.

She was broken from her thoughts by a knock on her window. Sookie looked and saw it was Bill. He had a look of concern on his face. But after seeing what she saw, she knew it was fake concern. She was mighty pissed at Bill. She wanted to desperately stake him, bring him back to life and then stake him again. Sookie schooled her facial features pretending to look happy to see Bill.

He opened her door for her and helped her out the car. “Sookie, are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine, Bill. What are you doing here?” she plastered her crazy Sookie grin on her face; attempting to hide her anger.

“I could ask you the same thing. I was coming here to find Eric and he’s not here. Why are you here?” he narrowed his eyes at her. She knew Bill was lying. He was trying to get rid of Eric so he could have a chance to win her back.

Even if Eric had met the true death, I still wouldn’t take him back. Not after all he’s done and put me through.

“I got tired of waiting for Eric and assumed he’d be here…But Fangtasia’s closed apparently. So I guess I’m gonna go on home and hope I’ll see him tomorrow.” Her shields were still down and she sensed another vampire nearby; though she continued looking at Bill as not to give away what she was feeling.

“Would you like me to escort you home?” Bill asked.

“Uh no, I’ll be fine Bill. But thanks anyway.” Before she could get into her car, she heard something from Bill’s mind.

I have to get my blood in her.

She stiffened, but kept on grinning. She couldn’t believe Bill would do this to her. Does he seriously think killing Eric will win her over? No, she’d never forgive him for all this shit he’s causing.

Then again, he probably wasn’t counting on me finding out about this.

“Okay. You have a good evening.” He said, running off into the night at vampire speed. Sookie took a deep breath and instantly relaxed. She got into her car and drove off to Bon Temps. She could still feel a void within close proximity and stopped her car on the side of the road.

Gracie followed Bill all the way to Fangtasia and made it just in time. She kept her distance to make sure Bill didn’t see her or sense her. She watched as Bill talked to Sookie. Gracie could see Sookie tense and grinned broadly.

Something’s wrong. Gracie felt worried.

She saw Bill zoom away and Sookie got into her car and drove off into the direction of Bon Temps. She followed her car and gradually flew closer to it. When the car stopped, Gracie landed on the ground and approached the car. She knocked on the window, making Sookie jump; startling her. Sookie got out the car and faced Gracie.

“So have you found out anything?” Gracie asked.

“Yes. There was a witch named Antonia hiding in Fangtasia.”

“Did you read her mind?”

“Yes, it was weird though. There was this wall around her mind concealing it, she kept repeating in her head ‘I must obey Hallow’ over and over.” Gracie pondered this.

“So, Hallow must’ve put a spell on Antonia to obey her every command without question. So Antonia’s in this against her will, which also means she could be of use to us. Did you find the location of their coven inside her mind?”

“No, certain thoughts in her mind were blocked. All I could see was the meeting between Bill and the witches. Is Eric okay?”

“Yes he is. I have his child Pam watching over him, making sure no one finds him there. It’s getting late and you need to get home and get some sleep. I’ll continue hunting the witches down and brief you on any more info tomorrow first dark.” Gracie shot off into the sky in the direction of her safe house. She had to stop there first to get some supplies.

She was going to capture Antonia.

Like it? Love it? Neutral? Tell me what you think! And once again I’m sorry for the long wait! Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Chapter 8”

  1. I love that Sookie caught a glimpse into Bill’s thoughts! That’s great, maybe she’ll start to read him now.

  2. I’m enjoying this. I’m worried for Eric. I hope Sookie will see him soon. I’m liking Gracie’s character.

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