Chapter 7


A few minutes later Bill healed and got off the ground. He picked up the phone and called Nan.

“This is Nan.” She said in her usual cold voice.

“This is Bill Compton.” Bill said.

“Your majesty, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Nan asked.

“I have some news about a certain vampire that’s been on the loose for some time now…A rogue vampire.” Bill paused. “Gracie Law. She’s been spotted in Area 5 and she just left my property requesting she could stay here for a while.” Bill said calmly. There was silence on the phone.

“This is news. The Authority has been tracking her for centuries and she’s somehow managed to stay under the radar. Get Eric Northman to take care of this!” She said. Bill stiffened. Shit, how am I suppose take this vampire down? And why does Eric have to do this? What is so special about her?

“Eric Northman has been missing since last night, and I do not have his whereabouts.” Bill lied.

“Find Eric Northman and tell him to call me! Have you tracked Ms. Law’s exact location yet?” she asked.

“No I have not, but I will. Why is it so important to take this vampire down? And why specifically call Eric Northman?” Bill asked.

“That is not you’re concern Compton! You just do as I tell you no questions asked. I will be expecting progress.” Nan said and hung up.

Now he has to a find a way to track down Gracie Law and her whereabouts. She’s a threat to his plans and could definitely get in the way of everything’s he planned. If he takes her down himself, he’ll move up the political ladder and get the respect he deserves.

But how do I get rid of her without her knowing about it?


While Sookie drove to Merlotte’s, she thought about what Gracie said about Bill. Stay away from Bill Compton, and don’t invite him into your house. Gracie had come up with very good reasons why not to trust Bill. But how do I avoid him? Bill is gonna keep showing up out of nowhere, he’ll keep trying to convince me to not trust Eric and to stay away from him, Sookie thought. Sookie took a deep breath; she certainly hoped she wouldn’t run into him any time soon. She parked in the parking lot of Merlotte’s and got out of her car. Just as soon as she stepped out, she felt a violent shiver run down her spine.

She looked around and saw nothing. She lowered her shields and felt a void hiding the woods. She immediately knew who it was and quickly walked into Merlotte’s.

Sookie walked through the doors of Merlotte’s and went sit at the bar. Sookie thought for a moment about Eric. Whoever did this to him thought they were gonna succeed, but they were wrong. Sookie hoped when she finds these witches, she could find everything she can about what happened to Eric.

She ordered a gin and tonic and gulped it down quickly. She didn’t want look suspicious just sitting there and looking around, so she moved to a booth in her section. She didn’t want to drink too much, or it’ll be impossible to concentrate on working her shields.

Her thoughts quickly switched to Gracie, who warned her about Bill. Sookie felt Bill would do anything to get rid of Eric. It wouldn’t be the first time Bill tried to get rid of Eric; especially out of jealousy and hatred.

She lowered her shields and listened to everyone’s thoughts.

Wonder if I need to go grocery shopping…

Can’t drink much tonight, have to work in the morning…

She sure has nice tits, wonder if she’ll give me a blow job? Sookie rolled her eyes.

Forgot to feed my dog…

Can’t stand the way he eats in public…

Sookie continued to listen to thoughts of patrons, when she felt the void move from the woods and get closer to Merlotte’s. She felt he was standing right at the entrance. She wanted to leave and look somewhere else for the witches. But Sookie wanted to stay and find out just how much Bill knows about Eric’s condition. She stiffened when she heard the doors open and then close.

She turned her head and indeed found Bill standing there, staring straight at Sookie with cold eyes. The last time they saw each other, she specifically said she could trust him anymore to be alone. And now that Eric is gone, she had no way of protecting herself if Bill decided to do anything rash.

Bill spotted Sookie sitting in a booth, nursing a gin and tonic. He walked over to her, sat on the other side of the booth across from her and smiled. Sookie knew that smile; that smile that had always made her insides tingle and melt…not anymore. She just felt annoyed by it.

“Hello, Sookie.” Bill said, still smiling. Sookie fought the urge to roll her eyes and snorted.

“Hi, Bill. What brings you to Merlotte’s this evening?” Sookie asked politely. Unfortunately her southern upbringing refused to let her be rude to Bill, despite what he’s done to Sookie and how much he hurt her.

“I meant to talk to you at your house only to find you weren’t there. So I assumed you came here. I came here to speak with you about Eric.” He said. Sookie tensed slightly.

“What about Eric?” Sooke said.

“Have you seen him? I’ve been trying to get ahold of him for a while now and he’s not answering his phone and Fangtasia has been closed due to renovations.” Bill said with a stoic face. Sookie stared at him for a moment,

“I was supposed to meet him here and he hasn’t showed up yet. So no, I haven’t seen Eric.” Sookie lied. Bill’s mouth twitched.

“Well, when you see him, tell him I need to speak with him immediately. There is an urgent matter he and I need to discuss.”  Bill said.

“Sure thing, Bill.” Sookie said, taking another sip of her gin and tonic.

“I have something I need to tell you. I’ve been told recently that there’s a rogue vampire on the loose. Her name’s Gracie Law.” Bill said. Sookie ears perked up at the news. Gracie’s a rogue vampire, Sookie thought?

“What about her?” Sookie replied. Sookie remembered just a couple of hours ago, that she heard Gracie say she visited Bill. So how does he know about Gracie, Sookie thought?

“She’s a very old and very dangerous vampire. She’s wanted by The Authority and has been hiding for centuries until now.” Bill explained. Who is the Authority and why are they after her? She must have done something bad for her to be wanted, Sookie thought.

“I’ll be sure to keep a look out, Bill.” Sookie replied. They both went silent for a moment. Bill was staring intently at Sookie; Sookie was looking anywhere but at Bill. She knew he was going to try to convince her to stay away from Eric.

“Sookie, why are you with Eric now? You can’t honestly trust him now after all he’s done before?” Bill said quietly.

“It’s none of your business why I’m with Eric now Bill. And how can trust you after all you’ve done? You were gonna give me up to your queen! How did you expect me to react? What did you think I was going to do? Did you really think I wouldn’t have found out?!” Sookie said indignantly.  Bill remained silent and looked down. He had no other words to say.

“You really thought I wasn’t going to find out.” Sookie said more as a statement than a question. She stared at Bill with cold, furious eyes. The nerve of him! How can he quickly judge Eric when he’s just as bad as Eric is, Sookie thought. Sookie snorted and stood up. She put some money on the table for her drink and gave another look at Bill.

“Goodbye Bill.” She said, walking out of Merlotte’s.


Gracie stood outside of Merlotte’s watching the whole scene between Bill and Sookie unfold. She chuckled to herself. Epic fail, Billy, you’re gonna have to try harder than that, Gracie thought. Luckily she had herself cloaked, so no one could sense her. She watched as Sookie got into her car and drove in the direction of Shreveport. She must be going to Fangtasia, Gracie thought.

She then saw Bill, follow Sookie to Shreveport. Shit, I gotta catch up to him before he causes more trouble; Incompetent little ass. Gracie sped off at vampire speed behind Bill. She was right behind him, caught him by his hair and held him in the air. He screamed and wailed like a little five year old…and it was pathetic.

“Hey there, Billy. Going somewhere?” Gracie said gleefully.

“What the hell is the matter with you?! Put me down you bitch! I’m your king!” Bill shouted. Gracie cackled loudly and dragged him back to Bon Temps…by his hair.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re the king and I’m the cat in the hat. The sky is blue; roses are red and blah, blah, blah! Shut up Bill! No wonder everyone hates you! You whine too much! Don’t you actually have something useful to say?” Gracie laughed. She felt so annoyed about this shithead she wanted tie him to her car with silver and drag him around like a rag doll.

“The Authority will hear about this!” Bill said. Gracie laughed loudly again, held him up in the air, by his hair like a Barbie doll.

“Oh really?” she said.

“Yes.” Bill replied.

“Oh please, no! Don’t call the Authority! What am I gonna do? How will I survive the Authority?!” Gracie sarcastically yelled dramatically. Gracie chuckled.

“You really don’t listen or learn or anything, do ya? They can’t touch me no matter they think. The Authority can send their best assassin to kill me and they’ll still fail. I’m too fast and too smart for them! No one can even outsmart m…” Gracie said, as she was silvered from behind. She heard some chanting and blackness surrounded her.


Bill had called Marnie sometime before he saw Sookie at Merlotte’s. He also called Marnie to stay close until Gracie showed up. It was an excellent idea to keep them close just in case someone tried to stop him.

Bill knew Gracie came into contact with Sookie before she met with him at his house. He also knew Gracie would be around close to Sookie to make sure she was safe. He smelled her scent at Sookie’s farmhouse and it led to Merlotte’s, where Sookie was. So he decided to go ahead, follow Sookie and trick Gracie into a trap.

“Good work, Marnie.” Bill said.

“Thank you, your majesty. What would you like me to do with this?” Marnie said, gesturing to the vampire.

“I’ll take care of it. Just keep you’re end of the bargain and make sure no one else gets in the way of everything!” Bill said, picking up Gracie and zooming away at vampire speed.

Like it? Love it? Neutral? Tell me what you think! And once again I’m sorry for the long wait! Will Gracie be held for long? Will Sookie find what she’s looking for? Stay tuned…

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