Chapter 6


After the witches left, Bill smiled to himself.Everything’s going according to plan, Bill thought. But he had to be careful. He could be sent to his final death if anyone knew he planned to kill Eric Northman and succeed. So he hired the witches to do the job for him. Once the witches kill him, he could capture them, kill them and he’d make himself look like a hero. With Eric Northman in the way, he had no way to get Sookie alone. So Bill had to be careful. If Sookie found out what he had planned, she’d never forgive him. He had to gain her trust back…and he figured a way how.

Just as soon as the first part of his plan is complete, he was going to go to Sookie and convince her that he couldn’t save Eric. She’ll be so upset, she’ll go crying to him looking for a comforting shoulder to lean on. But now he has to make sure she doesn’t get involve at all. Of course, knowing Sookie that was no easy task. Luckily, he had traces of his blood left in her body and that was enough to influence her. He chuckled to himself.

Sookie will be his once again and he couldn’t wait. Bill wasn’t at all happy she could trust Eric more than she could trust him. But that will soon change. She will learn to love and respect Bill, and realize that she belongs with him. Sookie will be so deep in love with Bill she won’t even remember who Eric Northman is.

Bill thought about her sweet scent, sweet blood and sexy southern accent. He got hard thinking about her curvy, soft naked body writhing beneath him and moaning his name. He smiled broadly and chuckled.

Suddenly someone burst through the front door and a female vampire barged into Bill’s office. He looked up and frowned. He knew her, hell everyone knew her. She was a very ancient and powerful vampire. Gracie Law. She was a psychic who could see into the future and back into the past. This could only mean one thing.

She knew what he had planned.

He almost panicked, but quickly composed his features.

“Bill Compton, the infamous civil war veteran!” Gracie sneered. Bill narrowed his eyes and he frowned.

“I am your king, and you will address me as such. I will not tolerate disrespect!” Bill said, angrily, gritting his teeth.

Gracie smirked. She knew Bill knew why she was there. She felt gleeful. “Well, I honestly could give a shit about you being king. But I don’t. Boo hoo. I pledge fealty to no one. Anyway I’m here to let you know I’ll be in your state for quite a while.” Gracie said nonchalantly, looking around his office.

“And for what reason is that?” Bill asked. He did not like this at all. He needed to find out why she was really here.

“Well, it’s personal and nothing you should concern yourself with.” Gracie said. She decided to go ahead and play with him further. It was so easy pissing Bill off and quite humorous.

“I am the king of Louisiana and you will respect me! Now answer the question!” Bill said, raising his voice. Gracie smiled and then laughed. Ooh, someone’s getting a little anxious, Gracie thought.

“Oh please Billy, what makes you think I owe you any respect? You’re so damn incompetent you make humans look good! Ha! King of Louisiana! You’re so damn oblivious to why that bitch Nan really made you king. Don’t you get it? You could be the king of the universe and still have no power over ANYONE! You’re nothing but a puppet that’s good at following orders! I pity and laugh at you Billy boy!” Gracie said. Bill quickly pulled a stake out his desk drawer, lunged across the room at vampire speed and pounced at Gracie pointing the stake at her heart.

But Gracie, of course was quicker and simply stepped out of the way. She then grabbed Bill’s arm and twisted it behind his back. She pushed him so hard against the wall she broke his spine and dislocated his arm that was holding the stake. She laughed so hard she nearly busted a gut (even it weren’t possible).

“Seriously? You know I’m older than you and yet you still attempt to kill me. You are real pathetic dude. You can try better than that! But then again you can’t, you’ve always had some kind of backup, so of course you can’t fight worth shit.” Gracie said.

“You think the authority will stand for this? Once they know your back in the United States, they will hunt you down and kill you! I would hate to call them and let them know that.” Bill said coolly. He really thinks he can threaten me with the Authority, Gracie thought? Gracie rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Oh, come on! You’re threatening me with the Authority? Those pussies? Go ahead…won’t make much difference to me anyway. No one has ever been able to kill me. I’m practically invincible! Any vampire will tell you that! But of course, Billy, you’re still only a baby vamp…so you wouldn’t know much about me! Go ahead and call Nan, and tell her to bring her super doper gay troopers! Because I will be ready for em’.” Gracie said, throwing Bill over his desk and running out the door at vampire speed.

A few minutes later Bill healed and got off the ground. He picked up the phone and called Nan.

“Nan.” She said in her usual cold voice.

“This is Bill Compton.” Bill said.

“Your majesty, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Nan asked.

“I have some news about a certain vampire that’s been on the loose for some time now…A rogue vampire.” Bill paused. “Gracie Law. She’s been spotted in Area 5 and she just left my property requesting she could stay here for a while.” Bill said calmly. There was silence on the phone.

“This is news. The Authority has been tracking her for centuries and she’s somehow managed to stay under the radar. Get Eric Northman to take care of this!” She said. Bill stiffened. Shit, how am I suppose take this vampire down? And why does Eric have to do this? What is so special about her?

“Eric Northman has been missing since last night, and I do not have his whereabouts.” Bill lied.

“Find Eric Northman and tell him to call me! Have you tracked Ms. Law’s exact location yet?” she asked.

“No I have not, but I will. Why is it so important to take this vampire down? And why specifically call Eric Northman?” Bill asked.

“That is not you’re concern Compton! You just do as I tell you no questions asked. I will be expecting progress.” Nan said and hung up.

Now he has to a find a way to track down Gracie Law and her whereabouts. She’s a threat to his plans and could definitely get in the way of everything’s he planned. If he takes her down himself, he’ll move up the political ladder and get the respect he deserves.

But how do I get rid of her without her knowing about it?

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Not good? Neutral? Next chapter: Sookie’s search for the witches at Merlotte’s! More new characters to come!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 6”

  1. This is terrific! Gracie is awesome, very cool! I’m liking her more & more with each mention. She does remind me of Thalia with a little more humor & personality. Poor Bill; I love the irony! LOL! He’s ordered to send Eric after Gracie, but can’t because of the witches! LMAO! He thinks he’ll do it on his own just like he thinks Sookie will come back to him…delusional much? Onto the next chapter!

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