Chapter 4


So Miss Stackhouse, will you be mine?” Eric asked softly.

Sookie looked at Eric in Shock. Instead of threatening or manipulating her, he’s asking her if she wants to be his. Unlike Bill, when she met Eric for the first time, he just announced, without warning, she is mine. She was angry when those words spilled out of Bill’s mouth. She understood Bill was only trying to protect her, but at least he could have told her exactly what that meant ahead of time then at the last minute.

Eric and Sookie’s relationship in the past has been complicated. Not to mention the fact she was also with Bill. Sookie just didn’t know if she could trust Eric. One minute she can trust him and then he does something to lose her trust.

When Eric revealed to Sookie Bill’s secret, she was pissed and heart broken. She threw Bill out of her house and never wanted to see him again and he left her house without another word. She was so hurt, lost and angry that she extended her rage on Eric and said some harsh words to him.

It wasn’t Eric’s fault Bill lied and betrayed her. Eric even tried to warn her before, but given what was happening with Russell Edgington, she pushed it aside.

No doubt, Eric isn’t perfect either. He locked Lafayette in the basement of Fangtasia for two weeks with no food or water and torturing him. Not to mention he sent her to infiltrate the Fots without warning her it was a trap. When she came to confront him about Bill, he kissed her and shortly after, locked her in the basement of Fangtasia; using Sookie as bait.

Sookie could see the difference between Eric and Bill. Unlike Bill, Eric embraced the fact he was a cold, manipulative vampire. Eric didn’t try to hide his bad side. Bill, however, put on a façade in order to gain Sookie’s trust. Pretending to mainstream and act more humane. Perhaps Bill didn’t love Sookie, rather her humanity.

But she won’t make that mistake again. Eric brushed his knuckles against her cheeks breaking her out of her thoughts. She looked deep into Eric’s cerulean blue eyes and knew…then and there…she could trust him.

She took a deep breath and placed her palm on his cheek, smiling softly.

“If I agree to be yours, then I’m only yours. I won’t be passed around like a fangbanger. If I am yours, then you are mine as well…I will not share you. I can’t be yours if all you’re going to do is lie to me and keep me from knowing things. Bill did that to me and you saw what happened between us. I won’t go through that again.” Sookie said firmly. Things went silent for a moment.

Eric stared at her in awe and adoration. She is so sweet and kind, at the same time she’s fiery and firm. He truly loved that about her. He could kill anyone that would treat him this way, but not Sookie…she’s special…she’s perfect…she’s his match. Sookie is the only woman who can defy him and get away with it. Bill really was a fool to betray such a woman as Sookie. And now she’s all his. He won’t make the same mistake Bill made.

“So all I would have to do is be monogamous and honest and you’ll be mine.” Eric said smiling.

“Yes.” Sookie said.

“Then I promise you I won’t betray your trust and only be with you. I will always treat you like a queen. And I will always care for you.” Eric said softly. He then wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into an embrace and nuzzling her neck; smelling her sweet scent. He’ll never get tired of this. Holding her, kissing her, and just doing everything he can to keep her happy. I will not let her go, he thought to himself.

He took the nightie she was holding against her body off and threw it over his shoulder. He then took off all his clothes and carried her to her bed. He turned off the lights after placing her in the middle of the bed and got in behind her. He was going to take things slow with her to show that he wasn’t using her for blood and sex.

She cuddled into his chest and wrapped her left arm around his waist. To her surprise, Eric didn’t just rip her clothes off and ravaged her. He just held her in his arms. Eric could sense her confusion with the tiny bond they had.

“I don’t have to sex with you tonight. I’m content with just holding and cuddling with you.” He said quietly. She nodded and smiled. They just laid there in bed, enjoying each others company in silence. Sookie cuddled closer into his chest and smelled his fresh scent. He smelled as fresh as the sea and she loved that about him. Finally after a few more moments, she’d fallen asleep dreaming sexy dreams of Eric.


After hearing her breathing even out, he placed a tender kiss on her forehead watching her sleep. She truly looks like an angel, he thought. He watched her a few more minutes, and then got out of bed. It was a couple of hours before dawn and he sadly had to leave. He wished he could stay longer, sleep right next to her only to wake with her beside him. He found some paper and a pen and wrote her a letter; then placed it on her nightstand.

He then put all his clothes back on and slipped out her window taking to the sky. He landed in front of Fangtasia and zoomed to the back entrance, straight into his office. He suddenly froze behind his desk. It was quiet here…too quiet. It was quiet enough to hear a pencil drop. Fangtasia had closed an hour and half ago. He wondered what happened to Pam. He could feel her in the maker/child bond.

He walked out his office into the bar area and stood frozen. He found Pam tied to a chair in silver chains and passed out. She stared at him. “Eric, get out here, the witches are back!” Pam yelled. Suddenly three witches appeared around her. Marnie, he recognized, held a stake up at Pam’s heart, ready to push it through. He suddenly flashed his fangs and hissed in anger. A tall woman stood in the middle of the bar and smiled evilly.

“Stop right where you are vampire. Make one move and you’re child dies! I came to make you a deal…”

“I don’t make deal with witches! You’ve made a terrible mistake witch! Let her go or else you’ll live to regret it!” Eric hissed angrily.

The witch smiled and started chanting. He could feel the magic surround him and suddenly everything went black.

Unknown POV:

She could hear the conversation between Compton and the witches. She held back a growl, when he offered them money to get rid of Eric. She stepped closer to the window and listened closely:

“And what is this problem you need assisting with?” she heard the lead witch say.

“Eric Northman, sheriff of Area 5. He has something I want. And I want him gone.” Bill said. She felt her blood boil; she resisted the urge to barge in there and rip his head off and drain the three witches.

“What’s you’re price?” Hallow asked. Typical, she will never change.

“One million dollars, each… Half now, and you’ll get the other half when you have succeeded.” He said. Ha! Really? You choose now to be cautious?

“What did you have in mind?” she asked the King. She rolled her eyes. Compton is a fool to trust witches…especially these three.

“Do whatever is necessary to take down the Viking…by any means necessary.” Bill said with emphasis. Compton’s too arrogant to see the error in trusting these witches, he thinks he’ll succeed…boy he’s got another coming too. He thinks getting rid of the Viking will give him another chance with the telepath, when only it’ll push Sookie further away from him. Stupid civil war veteran, obviously being in a war hasn’t made Compton any smarter. She could feel the magic when the witches disappeared. She already knew where they were headed. She could see from Bill’s house Eric leaving from the girls window.

She had to get to Fangtasia before he did. And stop the witches from wreaking havoc. She took off in the sky and raced to Fangtasia. Since she is much older than Eric, she could get there faster than he could.

She landed on the roof the strip mall across from Fangtasia and waited for Eric to arrive. Unfortunately the witches are here already and inside tying up Pam in silver.

She felt Eric land in front of Fangtasia and run to the back entrance at vampire speed. She quickly made it to the door zooming past him without him sensing her. She had the power to cloak herself whenever she needed. Not even the witches could sense her. She could see Pam tied in a chair with silver chains, but did nothing to save her…yet. She wanted to wait for the perfect moment to make her move.

She stood behind the bar and watched the scene unfold.

She had to get ready to get Pam and Eric out of here before the witches could disappear and take them both with her. Eric walked in the bar and froze in place. Once he noticed Pam, the witches appeared. Hallow, their leader walked to the middle of bar smiling. Eric flashed his fangs and hissed.

“Stop right where you are vampire. Make one move and you’re child dies! I came to make you a deal.” Hallow said.

“You’ve made a terrible mistake witch! Let her go or else you’ll live to regret it!” Eric hissed angrily.

“Have it your way, vampire.” She just smiled and started to chant. Suddenly Eric collapsed to the floor. There was a light switch under the bar, she switched the light off and everything went dark.

“Antonia! Find a light switch now!” She roared. The unknown vampire uncloaked herself, grabbed Eric and Pam and ran through the doors at vampire speed and took off in the sky.

She found her safe house, which was secluded in the middle of the forest of no where. She landed in front of her house, and put in a code on the keypad unlocking the front door. She zoomed in and put Eric on the Couch and set Pam down who was still chained in a chair, who was also unconscious.

She heated up three true bloods and placed them on the coffee table. She put on gloves and unchained Pam, who was starting to stir. When Pam opened her eyes, she looked at her. Her eyes widened in disbelief. The unknown vampire smiled.

“You know who I am?” she asked. Pam nodded. The unknown vampire wasn’t surprised. She was well known amongst her kind and some humans who were well into history. She went by a lot of names.

“You’re Gracie Law? I heard of you.” Pam said. Gracie nodded her head. “You’re the oldest vampire in world.” Pam added.

“Well, not as old as the Ancient Pythoness for sure, but pretty close.” Gracie laughed. Gracie picked up the true blood and handed it to Pam. She downed all three bottles and healed slowly.

“What do you want?” Pam asked. Gracie ignored her question.

“It’s close to dawn, why don’t you go downstairs and rest and I’ll explain everything tomorrow. And I’ll take care of you’re maker.” Gracie replied.

“And why should I listen to you? How can I trust you?” Pam growled. Gracie narrowed her eyes.

“Because I just saved your ass, if I weren’t there at Fangtasia, you’d be finally dead by now. I would suggest you be a little more grateful…Pammy!” Gracie said and smiled coldly.

“Do NOT call me that!” Pam said exasperated. Gracie just laughed at her. Oh, Pam, always the hothead, Gracie thought. Pam rolled her eyes.

“Fine, I’ll go rest. But tomorrow sundown…I want some answers or I’ll rip you apart!” Pam said.

“Fair enough…run along now Pammy.” Gracie chuckled. Pam just growled and whisked away.

Gracie turned her attention to Eric, unconscious on the couch. She didn’t know what those witches did to Eric. So she decided she needed to call in a favor from her favorite witch. She’ll need all the help she can get.

Sookie Stackhouse will be able to help and find those witches. So contact the witch and Send Pam for the telepaths help. She’s the key to this. That’s when I’ll introduce myself.

Let the games begin.

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