Chapter 3


As Bill runs across the cemetery back to his home, he thinks of ways he can gain Sookie’s trust again. For now he’ll let the Sheriff have his fun with Sookie…until then he needs a plan…a plan to get rid of Eric and to re-claim Sookie again. Eric Northman will pay!

He felt sad that he lost Sookie’s trust. Bill will do anything to gain her trust back. After all they’ve been through; he wasn’t giving up so easily. He knows deep down somewhere she still loves him. He needs to find a way get his blood inside her again. It’s been a year, so his blood would be completely gone from her body by now.

He hates Eric. He hates how he’s captured Sookie’s heart! No one makes a fool of Bill Compton and gets away with it! He will make him pay! But how is he going to do it? Bill decided he needs to call in three witches he knew long ago…Marnie, Hallow and Antonia. He barges through his front door going straight to his office.

He sits behinds his desk and picks up the phone and dials the Moon Goddess Emporium. As the phone rings he drums his fingers against the desk lightly, impatiently waiting for someone to pick up the phone.

And suddenly three women appear in Bill’s office. He smiles to himself; he loves it when people get straight down to business. All three ladies bowed to Bill. “You’re Majesty.” The three witches say in unison.

“Ladies, welcome. It’s been so long.” Bill says as he walks from around his desk, taking Hallow’s hand and kissing the back of it.

“Bill…always a pleasure to see you. To what do I owe the honor of your presence?” she asked in a sultry voice.

“Please, have a seat, ladies. I called to ask for your assistance with a problem I have.” Bill said as sat behind his desk. Hallow sat down in front of his, while Antonia and Marnie remained standing. Hallow was the oldest, therefore the leader of three witches. Marnie was her second in command, while Antonia was the follower. She’s never said much, but only nod or shakes her head .when they acknowledge her.

“And what is this problem you need assisting with?” She asked while she crossed her legs and knotted her fingers together in her lap.

“Eric Northman, sheriff of Area 5. He has something I want. And I want him gone.” He said simply with cold eyes. Just as soon as he said Eric Northman, Hallow stiffened. She recently sent Marnie to make him a deal and trap him. She needed vampire blood because she’s needs the power to do the magic.

When Marnie came back with the news, Hallow was enraged. So all three of them sat down and tried to come up with a way to threaten the sheriff. They have yet to find anything, Eric Northman is invulnerable.

But now the fates are working in their favor. The King of Louisiana is asking for they’re help. This will be good, Hallow thought.

“What’s you’re price?” Hallow asked.

“One million dollars, each… Half now, and you’ll get the other half when you have succeeded.” He said, getting out his check book. As he was writing the check out, Hallow looked back at her two sisters and smiled at them. They both nodded back at her. She looked back at Bill and grabbed the check from him. She looked down at the check and smiled back to him.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked the King.

“Do whatever is necessary to take down the Viking…by any means necessary.” He said with emphasis. He’s going through all this trouble for something he wants…must be valuable. Maybe I can use it, if things don’t go as planned, Hallow thought.

“You’re going through all this trouble just to get something the Viking has…it must be something valuable …” She trailed off.

“That’s none of your concern…Now go do what you’re paid to do” Bill interrupted, gritting his teeth.

“As you wish you’re Majesty” she said, as all three ladies disappeared from the room.

Unknown POV:

There’s a female vampire walking around the Stackhouse property. She stopped at the edge of the forest and sniffed around. She smelled Bill Compton’s, Eric Northman’s and Sookie Stackhouse’s scent.

So the girl is back, excellent. I will make my presence known…later. Right now, sit back and watch everything fall into place…then I make my move, she thought.

She could hear the conversation going on between Eric and Sookie, and she smiled to herself. So the Viking finally confessed his feelings to girl, goody. This will make my mission easier. Surely he’ll understand why I was sent here.

She climbed up into a tree and watched through a window, watching both of them talking. She may not know Sookie, but being a psychic and looking at Sookie’s past decisions regarding the vampires…well she’s irritating is all she can say about the girl.

So I ask, Miss Stackhouse, will you be mine?” she heard Eric asked as she jumped out of the tree. She didn’t stay long enough to hear the girl’s answer. She started to run towards Bill’s mansion at vampire speed. Suddenly she stopped and smelled three, very familiar scents. Witch, she thought with disgust.

Bill is a fucking coward…he couldn’t do things himself. But that wouldn’t do any good anyway, because he fucks up in the end. Being as old as she is, she could squash Compton like a bug…with her hands tied behind her back. She hated Bill Compton!

Things have truly begun…

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