Chapter 2

CWhen Eric had left Sookie’s home, he was disappointed that he had to leave.

Oh, I’ll be back soon enough.

He had expected her to fall back into Compton’s arms after being gone for so long. His heart swelled with happiness when she said she could trust Eric more than Bill. He was beaming at her when she insisted that he stay.

Why the change of heart though?

He wondered why suddenly Sookie trusted him more than Bill Compton while he flew back to Fangtasia. When he landed in the parking lot, he sped through the employee entrance wondering what could have possibly been so important that Pam had interrupted his moment with Sookie. He could smell a witch in the bar area. He walked into his office, and noticed Pam sitting in a chair in front of his desk.

“Master, there is a witch in the bar who wishes to speak with you. She says it’s important.” Pam said, bored.

“Is this what you text me for? What was urgent? An audience with a witch? This couldn’t wait until tomorrow?” Eric said, annoyed.

“She says it’s area business.” She said, not going into further detail. Eric rolled his eyes, sighing.

“Fine. Send her in.” He said coldly. The sooner he got this over with, the sooner he could get back to Sookie. Pam left at vampire speed and came back in with a woman. She was tall, with frizzy brown hair, green eyes and dressed like a stereotypical witch. Eric narrowed his eyes at her, wondering what to expect.

“My name is Marnie. I’m here on behalf of Hallow, the leader of the Moon Goddess Coven with a proposition.” She said, staring at Eric with confidence.

He looked at her for a moment, and nearly roared with laughter. He couldn’t believe this witch had any nerve to come in his place of business to make demands or proposals. Who did these witches think they were? They deluded themselves into thinking they were more important than any other witch. They were sadly mistaken. He decided to humor her.

“And what exactly is this proposition?” he asked, trying to keep the humor out of his voice, but he was failing to do so. She smiled at him seductively (or tried to) and licked her lips sloppily. It looked disgusting.

“Why Mr. Northman, it’s so simple. My mistress’s proposal is that you give her 30% of your business. And allow her 7 days for use of your body.” She said as she eye-fucked him.

“What would I get out of this deal?” Eric replied, not really caring. She smirked at him and chuckled.

“You get to indulge yourself with her beautiful body and do whatever you want with it.” She said in a husky voice, she was stroking her collar bone slowly, attempting to look enticing. He looked at her. It wasn’t just her mistress who wanted him, but her little flunky before him as well. If he weren’t so disgusted and annoyed with this bullshit, he’d be flattered and maybe tempted to take her offer. He rolled his eyes and gave her a cold look.

“Your…mistress expects me give away 30 percent of my business and use of my body…and all I get in return is a mediocre fuck? Your mistress thinks too highly of herself.” He sneered. “Go back to your mistress and you inform her to leave the area by dawn or her entire coven will perish.” He said coldly. Marnie growled angrily, not appreciating him snubbing her mistress. She placed both her hands on his desk and leaned forward in his face.

“Either you accept this offer and allow her 30% of your bar, or she’ll take it all by force…It’s your choice, vampire.” She sneered, smiling evilly. He stood from his chair suddenly, appearing before Marnie, wrapping his hand around her neck lifting her in the air. Marnie shrunk in fear and tried to swallow her spit but couldn’t. Eric’s fangs came out with a hard snick, emphasizing his anger.

“You DARE make demands of me?! You clearly must have a death wish, witch!” He hissed. He popped his fangs back in and continued, “leave now, before I take you downstairs and slowly torture you.” He said angrily, throwing her across the room. Marnie got up from the floor, pointing at Eric.

“You’re making a big mistake, Viking. I promise you, you will pay for it!” She roared as she disappeared from the room.

She watched as Eric disappeared and went inside the house. She looked around at everything again, wondering who could have done this. She was upset that Jason sold her house after a year of looking for her. Jason, of all people should have been one of the ones adamantly looking for her; not giving up. As should Tara and Sam…but apparently, they didn’t care about her enough to keep looking or keep hoping.

Eric was right. They all gave up on me.

So, someone had bought her house and restored it. She’s never been this happy to see her house back to the way it was before all the craziness happened. She hoped whoever did this, would be willing to sell it back to her. But the question is, who bought it? She thought about it for a few moments, going through her entire list of friends and gave up. She decided to go ahead take a bath and go to bed.

I’ll deal with this in the morning.

She had a feeling Eric would be back tomorrow evening and they will talk then. Sookie had no doubt he would try and claim her. That much she was sure of. What else could she expect from Eric Northman? Since she has met him, he has wanted her to yield to him. She’s not surprised, that hasn’t changed. However, Sookie is more surprised that she wants to be his. She can feel it will be different with him, that he will treat her better than Bill did. She shook her head, went into the bathroom and started the bath water. Once it was filled and warm enough, she took undressed and got in.

She sat in the bathtub replaying all the events that happened in her head. There was Longshadow, Dallas, the maenad, Russell Edgington, and Bill’s betrayal. So much drama, hurt, and death; there was barely anybody left she could trust. She couldn’t go to Jason, Sam, or Tara because they wouldn’t understand. They made it very clear they didn’t like her association with vampires from the beginning, and it made talking about her problems difficult.

She was tired of being alone, tired of holding herself back because of what everyone else would think of her. How would that be different from what they thought of her before? It’s obvious she was never fully human; her telepathy was proof of that. It was very clear to her that she was never going to be enough for them. It’s not going to be enough for her for them to only indulge her when she’s pretending to be a human. Being a telepath, is normal to her.

Sookie has had enough of it all. She had enough of trying to be something she’s not or can’t be. She’s ready to finally make the decision to really do what she wants and fuck what her family and friends think. She took the soap and washed herself, then washed her hair. She relaxed for a while, thinking about what’s changed since she got back. She couldn’t believe she’s been gone for a year. She could have sworn she was in Fairy for an hour.

Time must work differently there.

She was never going back there again. She trusted Claudine; turns out she was lying from the start. The only people she could trust were Sam, Tara, Lafayette and Jason; maybe not with the whole vampire drama, though.

An hour later, the water had cooled down; Sookie stood up and stepped out of the tub. She grabbed a towel from the towel rack and dried herself off. She put on her robe walking into her bedroom. She looked through a box and found a pink spaghetti strap nightie. She took off her robe and threw it over her shoulder. But suddenly she stopped not hearing it hit the floor and looked over her shoulder.

There was Eric standing behind her, holding her robe up in one hand, staring at her hungrily.

“What the hell!” she said as she quickly turned around and covered her body with her nightie. “Excuse me!” she said.

“Mmmm, such a strange sensation when the reality matches what you pictured in your mind so precisely.” He said, huskily. She held her nightie closer to her body, making sure it wouldn’t fall.

“Is this another dream? It’s been a year, how much of your blood is left in me?” she asked.

“It’s not a dream.” Eric said, smirking. It had to be a dream. Why else is he here, uninvited?

“Then how did you get in here? I rescinded your invitation!” she said. She couldn’t help but notice how sexy he looked in a tight, V-neck, gray T-shirt, with dark blue jeans that hung low on his hips, showing a little bit of his abs and the V that down to his-she shook her head dismissing that thought. He chuckled noticing her perusal of his body.

“You don’t own the house anymore.” He said as he moved his hand to the pocket of his jeans pulling out a set of keys dangling them before her. “I do.” He said simply. She should have known it was him. He’d take any opportunity to have her.

“YOU?! You bought my house? Why?” She asked softly. Trying to buy this house back from Eric is going to be tough. Silence filled the room and Eric’s blank expression changed to a longing, soft expression.

“Because I always knew you were alive. I bought it to fix up, so it was ready for your when you returned.” He said softly as he took a few steps closer to her.

“But, why?” Sookie squeaked. She couldn’t believe he had done this. It was an awfully sweet gesture. He took a few slow, steps towards her, stopping at arm’s length.

“You’ve done so much for me, Miss Stackhouse…things you didn’t have to do. You’ve made it very clear from the beginning how you felt about me. But it didn’t stop your kind heart from helping me when I needed it.” he paused, taking an unneeded deep breath. “You make my undead heart beat with your mere presence. There’s…something about you that draws me to you…some kind of unknown force, I don’t know. Believe it or not Miss Stackhouse, I have deep feelings for you.” He said intensely. She stared at him, eyes wide in shock and speechless.

So, it was true, he did have feelings for her. After a moment of silence, Eric put his hand on her cheek, feeling the warmth, and softness of her skin against his hand.

“What do you want from me?” She asked softly.

“Everything…” he whispered, swallowing. “I want what you and Bill had…no, no. All I want is you…” he breathed, trailing off. She could his cool breath hitting her face. She started to pant. If she could faint, she’d be on the floor by now, if he weren’t holding her cheek.

Can I really become his?

The answer was yes, she could. She has wanted this deep down since Dallas. She was done trying to live up to everyone’s expectations and made her decision, nodding her head.

He grabbed the back of her neck and crushed his cool lips against her soft ones in a scorching kiss. He nipped at her bottom lip begging for entrance. He groaned, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. She parted her lips, granting him entrance. He explored her mouth with his tongue, sucking on her bottom lips. Their tongues fought for dominance and suddenly the kissing stopped. Sookie moaned from the loss of contact. She looked up at Eric, panting heavily.

“I ask you, Miss Stackhouse…Will you be mine?” He asked in a quiet voice.

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  1. Now that’s how it should have been! WOO! Hell, I would have dropped my towel for him if I was Sookie! Damn!

  2. ah a little mix of TB and SVM in this one huh? Like it. I prefer the SVM Marnie stuff personally. Now THAT is how the S5 reunion should have gone!!!!

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