Chapter 10

Gracie was pacing in front of Fangtasia waiting for Pam to report back. Suddenly her phone rang and she let out a breath she was holding and answered it.

“Please tell me you have some news.” Gracie pleaded.

“The only scent I found around the area was Eric’s. No one else.”

“Shit. Can you feel him?” There was a pause on the line until Pam gasped.

“He feels fine. In fact… He’s in Bon Temps.” Gracie felt relieved that he wasn’t some mindless zombie walking around killing anything in his path.

“How does he feel?”

“Happy…relieved even. So far I can’t feel any anger or blood lust in the bond. Well, a lot of lust, actually.” Gracie nodded her head. Since Eric was safe and not going off to kill the witches, Gracie decided to work more on breaking the spell on Antonia. Pam and Gracie hung up the phone. Her phone vibrated in her hand indicating she had a text message from her progeny.

I have the book, Octavia and I are waiting for you back at the cabin in the woods.

Gracie nodded her head, placing her phone in her jacket pocket. She closed her eyes and magically cloaked herself; she was right outside Fangtasia ready to move in and take Antonia. She vamped inside and saw her standing with a vacant look in her eyes. She ran in front of her touching a spot on her neck. Antonia fell to the ground unconscious.

Gracie picked her up bridal style and vamped out of Fangtasia.

Eric may have been unconscious and couldn’t move but he was aware of everything happening around him. Right before he was going to save Pam, the witches cast a spell on him and he passed out. But he could still hear everything around him…like being in a coma. Just before the witches were about to abduct him and his child, another vampire came in and took them before the witches could. Gracie Law; he knew who Gracie Law was and what she was capable of. He wondered what she was doing here.

She used to work for the authority as a spy until up and out of nowhere she went rogue. As a spy for the authority, she was known to interfere in affairs that could threaten the race of humans and vampires. Ever since the mainstreaming movement was created, she worked behind the scenes to make sure the great revelation went smoothly. If a vampire ever threatened the existence of vampires, Gracie would eliminate the threat and report back to the authority.

And then an old powerful vampire, Russell Edgington ripped a man’s spine out on National television. Initially, she was ordered to kill the king of Mississippi, but she was reassigned. After a while, she grew to despise the authority because there are vamps apart of it that are against mainstreaming. Gracie knew exactly who they were. Once they discovered that Gracie knew of their plans, they attempted to assassinate her. That’s why she’s been hiding for so long.

Right now wasn’t the time to worry about the witches or the rogue vampire. Eric wanted to take Sookie to bed and make passionate, primal love to her. He rubbed his hands up and down her collarbone to her stomach all while sniffing her neck. Sookie was panting heavily trying hard not to run her hands up and down his back. Eric looked at Sookie cupping her cheek with his hand.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly. Sookie nodded her head; she was confused Eric was here.

“What happened to you? I thought you were…”

“Unconscious? I was…until recently the spell wore off and I came here to make sure you were okay. I know Bill’s behind this…But I’ll take care of him later.” he said picking up Sookie. He carried her over to the porch swing and placed her in his lap.

“I’m sorry, Lover.” he said softly. Sookie pulled back from his neck looking into his piercing blue eyes with confusion.

“What for?” she whispered. He leaned his forehead against hers with his eyes shut tight.

“That our reunion didn’t go as planned…” he trailed off. “But I’m relieved to know your safe.” he got up from the porch swing, carrying her into the house. “After I’m done with you, we’re going to talk about what happened the other night.” he whispered against her lips as he vamped sped into her bedroom.

He threw her on the bed, hearing her bounce, then shriek with excitement. Sookie giggled. He gave her a grin vamping to the bed hovering over Sookie. He brushed his knuckles against her cheek, his nose rubbing on her face. “You are so beautiful, Sookie.” He took a long whiff of her delicious scent, then moaned loudly. He has waited since Dallas to finally taste Sookie in every way.

“You smell so good. Can I taste you Sookie?” he purred with a glint in his eyes. Sookie blushed, she felt an urge to look away from his gaze, but couldn’t; she was too enthralled by his piercing eyes. She sighs softly, nodding her head. He leans down kissing her; his tongue massaging hers. Sookie moaned deeply. His hand caressed her neck, sliding down slowly to her breast where he tugged and twisted at her nipple. She groans in his mouth as he breaks the kiss nipping at her bottom lip.

He trailed kisses from her lips to her jaw then down her neck to breast. He wrapped his lip and suckled; rolling the nipple around with his tongue between his teeth. Sookie hissed her back arching off the bed. He moaned against her breast, his right hand playing with the other. He loved how her tits fit perfectly in his hands. He loved how good her skin tasted. He moaned internally. He finally released her breasts descending down her body. He trailed open mouth kisses on her stomach; nipping along the way and licked inside her belly button.

Sookie shivered.

He kneaded her lips, a finger rubbing around her vaginal opening. He moaned when he felt how wet she was. He slipped a finger inside making Sookie moan bucking her hips off the bed. He finally moved his lips from her belly moving further below onto her mound. He took a deep whiff of her pussy. He slowly circled her clitoris with his tongue, pushing a single finger in her vaginal opening. The tip of his finger brushed against her g-spot, making Sookie arch off the bed. He pushed his tongue harder against her clit as she starts to writhe and grip her sheets. At a steady pace, he thrust his finger in and out of her continuously licking her clit.

Sookie screamed as she reached climax, panting and sweat dripping from her body. Eric slowly rubbed her as she came down from her orgasm. He moved back admiring the view, his erection painful against his tight jeans.

Sookie blushed noticing the big bulge in Eric’s pants…but dammit, she licked her lips in anticipation. Eric smirked at her, taking his hand and rubbing his chest down to his crotch. He rubbed his erection through his jeans throwing his head back and moaning. Sookie gasped at the image.

Oh my god.

She was aching, wet and anxious for him to touch her again. She started tapping against her pussy. Her body twitched, still sensitive from her previous climax. Eric panted as he watched the vision before his eyes.

My little vixen.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. He got onto the bed, crawling over to Sookie with a smoldering expression on his face. With most of his weight on his arms, he loomed over Sookie as his fangs snapped down. She gasps, running her finger along his fang. She heard a deep rumbling in his chest, cupping his cheek pulling him down to kiss him on the lips. Eric’s lips crushed against hers as he gently grabbed the back of her head, sharing a kiss that left her breathless. He pulled back from her, looking at her. Just stares with affectionate eyes that told her a lot of the things he was feeling. He wanted to tell her how he felt about her, but now wasn’t the time. The words died in his throat.

“As much as I would love to continue this, ravish you and familiarize myself with every inch of your body…we need to get rid of the witches and Bill Compton. When we do make love, I want it to be special. With no threats looming over our heads.” Eric said, regretting his words. Despite his raging hard-on, he wanted to take care of the obvious threats. He didn’t want to take Sookie with cretins like Compton hanging over their heads like a dark cloud.

But that’s not the only reason why he wants to wait. He wants to plan a special evening for Sookie. If he was going to make love to Sookie, it will be when there are no threats to interrupt their time together.

“Let’s go meet with Pam and Gracie.” Eric said.

Gracie landed softly in front of the cabin with Antonia laying over her shoulder. She walked over to the front door knocking. Pam opened with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you sure it’s wise to have this witch here?” Gracie pushed past Pam, gently placing the witch on the couch.

“While she’s in this condition…no it’s not wise, but I have a way to fix that.” Gracie closed her eyes feeling her progeny nearing closer to the cabin with Octavia Fant in tow. She could also feel another two presences right outside the cabin. It was Northman and his human Stackhouse. She walked up to the door opening it. Eric strides right on in with Sookie in his arms. He places her on the ground and turns to Gracie.

“Long time, no see, Northman. I haven’t seen you since St. Petersburg during the 1500s.” Gracie said, smirking. Remember when she met both met him and Godric. Quite the century she had with both of them. She saved them both from being executed by a fairy.

“Yes, it has been a while.” Eric replied. Sookie looked between the two of them.

“You two know each other?” Sookie asked as she stiffened next to Eric. Gracie gave Sookie a nod. Sookie didn’t know how to feel about that. She didn’t even want to know if they fucked each other, she wouldn’t know how to react to that.

“No, Miss Stackhouse we didn’t.” She said, amused, answering her silent question. “All I did was save him and his maker from a vengeful fairy. Nothing more.” Sookie instantly relaxed, feeling relieved that they weren’t intimate. Eric cleared his throat, no doubt feeling uncomfortable.

“Anything new on these witches?” Eric cut in, changing the subject. Gracie and Sookie were both thankful for the subject change.

“Yes. I’ve been spying on them for quite a while now. I only know a small part of their plan. They want to use your blood to make their coven stronger. They brokered a deal with Compton for 3 million to take you out. His part in this was to get you out of the way, so he could retrieve Miss Stackhouse. But I have a feeling he wouldn’t just stop there. But there’s more to this than you know…” Gracie trailed off.

Eric nodded his head. “Something tells me you were ordered to kill these witches a long time ago?”

“Yes. The witches are not here for you specifically…Hallow and Marnie are here to find Russell Edgington…” Gracie paused, then continued. “This is all linked to him, Eric.” That got his attention.


“These two witches were hired to search for Edgington and heal him.”

“Who were they hired by?” Eric asked through gritted teeth.

“Someone within the Authority. I was close to discovering who until I was ambushed and nearly sent to the true death. Whoever it was, must’ve discovered what I was up to and decided to get rid of me before I learned anymore. I suspect it was…” Gracie stopped.

“Who?” Eric growled. Gracie paused, not really wanting to tell him who. She wasn’t sure he was going to believe her, especially knowing who it is.

“I suspect it was your sister, Nora Gainsborough.”

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  1. Happy to see an update! Looking forward to seeing what is in Antonia’s mind and how Nora fits in. Didn’t really like her character on the show so I’m curious to see what you do with her.

    1. No. I haven’t posted it yet. Sorry. I’ve had a trying year, so i havent had time to update my stories. But I have been writing more. So possibly after the holidays you’ll get more updates. 🙂

      1. Are you like done, done writing??? It’s been awhile so it’s probably a real dumb question on my part, but wishful thinking…… there are so many left unfinished and they are,SSSSOOOOO GOOD…. Let me just say, hey I hope you come back one of these days, weeks, months, years….cringe!!…..😖😣☹️

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