Chapter 1

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Sookie stood on her porch looking at the man that had brought chaos and pain into her life. It may have been a year to Bill, but it had only been a couple of hours to Sookie. The emotional wounds were still fresh, and she couldn’t trust herself to be alone with Bill anymore, not after all he’s done and lied about.

He used her, betrayed her and manipulated her into falling in love with him…how could she forgive him for that?

The only vampire she could possibly trust was Eric.

“Forgive me, I know I’m not welcomed. I’ve not felt your presence for over a year.” Bill said sadly.

“Well… I’m fine Bill.” Sookie said, eyeing Bill warily. She wasn’t surprised he still cared about her even though she hated him and didn’t want to see him again.

“You were with Claudine?” Bill asked with suspicion in his tone. Sookie almost gave herself away by looking surprised, but she quickly regained her composure.

“That’s none of your business Bill. What I do or who I’m with is not your concern. We aren’t together anymore!” Sookie said to Bill, sounding irritated.

“Sookie, for over twelve months I have felt so empty…I thought…you had died.” Bill said sadly, looking down at his feet. Suddenly, she heard another vampire approaching. Eric instantly appeared before her, slowly approaching the bottom steps.

“Oh, I knew you weren’t dead…” Eric paused. Sookie shivered, hearing the velvety, husky voice of the Viking. She wanted to smile at his sudden appearance.

“Eric, not now!” Bill yelled with annoyance. He almost forgot that Eric also shared a blood tie with Sookie. He was hoping to get Sookie alone long enough to convince her to take him back and not to trust Eric. He wanted to growl and attack Eric, but had to play dutiful, regretful ex-boyfriend to get back in her good graces.

“I never lost hope.” Eric said, looking straight at Sookie and ignoring Bill.

“Don’t you have an obligation at Fangtasia?” Bill said to Eric.

“I don’t think so.” Eric retorted.

“I believe you do,” Bill interrupted.

“Pam can handle it…” Eric interjected.

“I specifically asked you…” Bill replied.

“I appreciate your concern, but we’re fine thank you.” Eric interrupted again.

“Eric, GO!” Bill shouted to Eric angrily. He wanted him gone and away from Sookie; she belonged to him. Sookie rolled her eyes watching them both bicker like little children.

So much for being wise and ancient.

“No!” Sookie yelled. Bill looked back at Sookie in shock, while Eric smiled at her…smugly, that is. “I want Eric to stay…I don’t really trust being alone with you anymore, Bill. After what’s happened, I just don’t feel comfortable around you anymore.” Sookie said. Bill had a pissed, then pained expression on his face. Eric, however, looked gleeful.

Now, here is Eric Northman…this blonde, Viking, vampire that has been honest with her from the beginning…well, as much as he could be. He has lied to her twice…but admitted the truth to her shortly after. Unlike others, who was forced to tell the truth and maybe wasn’t planning on telling the truth ever. If that didn’t give her a clear picture on who to trust, then what is?

Eric saved her whenever he could, even if she disagreed with the way he did it. He even tried to warn her about Bill. She realized then, that she should have trusted Eric since Dallas. If she had, she maybe would’ve been saved from getting hurt and betrayed. She’d been gone for over a year; she couldn’t imagine the things Eric did to find her.

“Well, you heard the lady Bill. I am staying.” Eric said to Bill grinning.

“Sookie I need to talk to you…in private. ” Bill said, ignoring Eric.

“I’m sure whatever you have to say to me you can say in front of Eric! Besides, how can I ever trust you again? You manipulated me, and you used me…how can I trust if we’re alone you won’t just snatch me up and lock me up somewhere from everyone…claiming you’re trying to protect me? I’m sorry Bill, but it’ll be a while before I trust you again, if ever.” Sookie said, her accent thick with emotion. Bill looked as if he’d been slapped. He looked down at his shoes, then back to Sookie again.

“For what it’s worth…I’m sorry.” He said with sadness, zooming off to his house across the cemetery. She was left alone with Eric, who was staring at her with longing. They both stood there staring at each other, until finally Eric broke the silence.

“Where have you been, Miss Stackhouse? What happened to you?” he asked softly. She saw an emotion flicker in his eyes…it looked like love? She looked at him, wondering if she could tell him where she’s been. If she could trust him with very sensitive information. When Claudine had told her, he was going to steal her light, she didn’t know whom she was referring to.

Eric or Bill? Now that she is aware of Bill’s lies, she knows for sure Claudine was talking about Bill. She had to have been. She was about to say something when she heard something buzzed. Eric took phone out of his pocket and read the text message from Pam. He cursed to himself, hating Pam for interrupting this moment.

“Apparently I have to go. But understand this, everyone who has claimed to love you…your friends, your brother…even Bill Compton, they all gave upon you…I…Never…Did.” He paused looking at the house admiring the work the construction men did. “Nice paint.” Eric said smiling, running off at vampire speed. She smiled to herself, she had a feeling she was going to be seeing even more of Eric.

And she was looking forward to it. She’s starting to realize she could always count on Eric.

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  1. Hmmm. Waiting to see what is going on… With your post, I’m not sure. I like the beginning, but I’m just not sure with the Eric married to Nora thing.

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