Chapter 2

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It was weird too. The moment I thought of Sookie, Nora conveniently popped up out of no where and talk her ass off. After a few minutes, I’d tune her out and steal glances from Sookie. Sookie was truly beautiful. She was sweet, kind and incredibly smart. In a word, she was the queen to my king. The sun to my sky. The yin to my yang. And I wanted her. It surprises me even after six years that I still have feelings for her.

Has she ever thought about me? Did she get married and have children? Eric closed his eyes at that thought. He honestly didn’t want to think about it. Because then he’d be force to think of another man touching his Sookie. Touching her luscious, soft body, driving her insane with want. That’s my job…well soon it will be if everything goes according to plan. I smiled internally, hope filling my heart.

He couldn’t wait for the reunion.

Sookie was late for class running down the hallway. Suddenly, not looking where she was going, she ran into a wall, dropped all her books and fell on her butt. When she looked up it wasn’t a wall she hit…it was Eric.

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I should look where I’m going.” Sookie said softly looking at Eric. He stood there not saying anything. She sighs to herself getting on her knees and starts to pick up her papers and books stacking them together.

Watch where you’re going next time, Stackhouse.” Eric said, looking at her. Sookie blushes a scarlet color, finding the floor more interesting than his face. Eric smirks. He kneels down next to her, helping her pick up her books, handing them to her. She barely looks at him as she snatches them from his grip. He looked at her grinning, and then chuckled.

What’s so funny?” She asked, annoyed.

I think it’s funny and cute how you pretend to run into me, when all you wanted was to feel me up. All you had to do was ask, Stackhouse.” He said smugly, smirking flirtatiously. Sookie rolls her eyes.

“Don’t flatter yourself, pretty boy. Not all girls here want to sleep with you. Don’t you have a snobby psycho girlfriend to drool after like a love-sick puppy dog somewhere?” Sookie snapped. Eric chuckled.

“What’s the matter Stackhouse, jealous much?” Eric laughed. Sookie frowned.

“I don’t have time to sit here and feed your ego, Eric…I have class. You know that room with the desks, chairs and teacher?” She says with sarcasm. Finally, the late bell rings, breaking her out of the Eric-induced annoyance. She rushes pass him, and ran to class.

Hey Stackhouse! You forgot your…” Eric yelled out, watching Sookie quickly disappear around the corner. He looked down at the small book in his hand…it was Sookie’s journal. At first, he thought against reading it. But curiosity won out.

He opened it to a random page and read the time when she threw up during computer class in middle school. Eric chuckled to himself. He turned the page again and read her rants on how she hated Nora. No surprise there. She wasn’t really a nice person. He went all the way to the last page that was written the beginning of the school year. It read:

Dear diary,

Why does he tease me so much? What did I ever do to him? I could ask, but that could end in disaster. Besides, I may not like what I hear. It’s bad enough I’m invisible to everyone, and Eric humiliates me on daily basis. Would he continue his immature behavior if he knew I liked him?

Eric is so cute and handsome…so smart and caring. Ever since the beginning of high school I’ve had a crush on him. If he weren’t with Nora, and constantly teasing me, I’d totally ask him out. As long as he continues to hate me for no apparent reason, my feelings for him have to remain secret.

Another thing, what does he see in Nora? I just don’t get why he likes her so much. She’s mean, snotty and a teacher’s pet. I mean, who likes a teacher’s pet? Why does he waste his time on her? He could do so much better than her. Maybe not me, despite my feelings, but still. She’ll never appreciate him the way he should be appreciated.

Either way, he could never like a girl like me. I’m a geek, a nobody, a shadow. I’ll never tell him how I feel…never. Things weren’t meant to be.


Eric stood there, stunned into silence. He shook his head, closing the book and smiled to himself. He chuckles to himself. He knew he was liked by every single girl here…but Stackhouse? He so didn’t see this one coming! He grinned. He tortured her because he liked seeing her angry. She was cute when she was angry. It was even cuter when she would retaliate. Eric would have never imagined that Sookie Satckhouse had a crush on him.

It was delightful and filled him with anticipation and glee. He held the journal close to his heart and closed his eyes. He sighed. He had no idea she felt this way about him. He felt overjoyed that Sookie liked him. This meant that she reciprocated his feelings. Feelings that he tried hard to keep hidden. Hopefully, he can convince Sookie to go out on a date with him. If he’s granted this date and it goes well, he’ll have a new girlfriend before the end of the week. Eric was so deep in thought; he hadn’t even realized he was already at lunch with Alcide and Quinn.

He continued to read her diary…he never realized that she was amusing and interesting. He couldn’t put the book down. He was so deep in her diary he hadn’t noticed Nora standing over him. She tapped his shoulder, but received no response from him. He wasn’t even paying attention to her. She waved her hands in front of his face.

“Eric? Eric!” Nora yelled.

“Huh? Oh hey, I didn’t see you there.” Eric replied, as he continued reading Sookie’s Diary.

“What are you reading?” she asked curiously. Eric began to panic but quickly closed the book.

“Uh…stuff for English class.” He said quickly, hiding the journal in his bookbag. “I have to go study.” He said as he stood up and left. Eric saw Sookie sitting with Tara. He approached their table, and jumped in the seat next to Sookie.

“Hey Stackhouse.” he said as he grabbed one of her french fries. Sookie sighs, dreading the worse.

Hi. Eric.” Sookie replied, not looking at him. He continued to sit and stare at her. Sookie tried hard to ignore but decided to humor him. She tunred to him. “Was there something you wanted?” Sookie asked.

“Um, yeah, actually…I was wondering…” Eric was cut off.

Eric, what are you doing?” Nora asked with obvious disapproval while sneering at Sookie. Eric closed his eyes tightly.

“Oh. Nothing. Just asking Stackhouse about homework.” Eric said, chuckling nervously. Sookie looked between them, confused.

“Whatever. Come Eric; we need talk in the library.” Nora said, eying Sookie with disgust and boredom. Eric gave Sookie an apologetic look, getting up from the table. Tara gave Sookie a questioning look, and she shrugged her shoulders in return. Nora grabbed Eric’s arm and pulled him out of the cafeteria.

What was that all about?

She’ll never know. She shrugged her shoulders and continued talking to Tara.

He never even had the chance to ask her out. He knew why Nora did what she did. She doesn’t like it when he talks with other girls. Only out of fear he’ll find someone better than her. In which, he did Sookie. Eric decided to keep her diary, hoping from afar that she’ll come clean on her own terms. But she never did…


Still to this day, I had no idea what he wanted from me.

For the past couple of days I had been lost in my thoughts. I just couldn’t help but think about Eric. It feels like high school all over again. The only thing that’s missing is Nora approaching me with a sneer on her face and a condescending suggestion to follow. That was probably the very thing that had me feeling nervous and hesitant about going to this party. Nora Gainsborough.

This is a girl who had it all: a hot boyfriend, money, and parents who will shower you with gifts. Let’s not forget she had fame. Despite hating her and avoiding her like a disease, I couldn’t help but want to be her. I wasn’t desperate…oh god, no! Deep down, I just wanted to feel important. Only, that was a long time ago, when peer pressure was actually a thing to me. Now, I don’t care. All I want is to be happy and survive in the real world.

There was just something about Nora that kept me from kissing at her feet like a lowly peasant. Nora had this face that made her look kind and sweet; round doe-like eyes, plump, full lips and a bright smile that had the boys swooning. She had this English accent that made you hang on to her every word, not to mention it made her sound sweeter. She had a body like a super model, completed with perfect curves and complexion. She was a…teenage dream.

Nora may have had the looks, the money and the popularity, but she did not have the personality to fit. There are times you’ll come across a pretty package with an ugly surprise inside. That was my perception of Nora Gainsborough. You weren’t apart of her circle of friends unless you had money, style or good looks. I had none of them. Well, at least to her, I didn’t. I could never understand why she hated me so much. It’s not like I could compare to her. I was a country bumpkin, and she…well, she was royalty.

I snapped out of my thoughts when Sam snapped his fingers in front of my face. I shook my head and continued pouring Andy’s beer. “You okay, Cher? You looked like you were miles away from here.” He said with a small smile. I smiled back him, looking a little sheepish.

“I’m fine. I’m just…never mind. I better get this beer to Andy.” I say putting on my crazy grin carrying the beer over to Andy Bellefluer’s table. “Here’s your beer, Andy. Will you be needing anything else?” I asked with a small smile. He shook his head, then bit into his Lafayette burger. I turned away, walked around, and made sure everyone in my section was squared away. I turned towards the door and instantly deflated, my smile dropped from my face.

Bill Compton just walked in.

I immediately tensed and wiped all emotion from my face. I was hoping I’d never see him again, but I knew hoping was fruitless. After I graduated high school I got a job at Merlotte’s as a bar maid. Which is where I met Bill Compton. I was dazzled and flattered when he flirted with me. We talked, hit it off, went on a few dates and finally after a year of seeing each other I finally gave him my virginity…foolishly so. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Warning bells should have went off in my head when he refused to discuss his personal life.

And I know why too.

One, he was already married with a daughter. Two, when I found out why he kept his life so secret he made it as if I were in the wrong…like I was wrong. Three, even though I knew truth, he still wanted to continue with our affair. That was unacceptable to me. Omission of the truth is still a lie, as my Gran would say to me. And Bill Compton had lied to me! That was the way I saw it. Bill didn’t see it my way, he didn’t think he was wrong. I pretty much kicked him to the curb and never spoke to him again. Of course that didn’t stop him from constantly trying to call me, send me gifts, and visit me at my work to harass me.

That asshole just can’t take a hint!

I watched as Bill smirked at me and went to sit in my section. I rolled my eyes with annoyance. I could feel Sam’s hand on my shoulder as gesture of comfort. “You want me to take care of him, Cher?” I looked back at Sam and shook my head.

“I’ll be fine, Sam.” I grabbed a pen and pad approaching Bill’s table with a fake smile and tense spine. I already knew what to expect from his visit. “Afternoon, Bill. What can I getcha?” I asked in cold voice.

“A moment of your time.” he says with a smile. No matter how many times he smiles at me, gives me gifts or pretend to act like a southern gentlemen, I still will not go out with him again. He fucked that up when he lied to me.

“Either order something or leave, Bill…I thought I made it clear I didn’t want to see you again. I have nothing more to say to you.” He grabbed my hand before I could walk away. I turn my head and glare at him.

“We’re not finished talking, Sookie! You need to give me a chance to explain…” Bill stopped as he noticed the look on Sookie’s face. She interrupted before he could finish.

“To explain what? That you lied to me? Humiliated me? That you already are married with a child?! I think you’ve explained enough, Bill Compton!” Sookie yelled as snatched her hand from his and stomped away. She left him standing there before he could even reply.

I go outside for some fresh air; needing to breathe. I felt overwhelmed by his presence, being near him bought up feelings that I intend to keep buried. I leaned against the wall taking a deep breath feeling anger rise in me again. After a few moments, I go back inside and notice that Arlene has arrived, which means I can finally go home and start my vacation. I go straight into Sam’s office. He looked up from his desk as he watched me grab my things. I turn to him.

“Sam, I’ll be taking my vacation now. I’ll see you in a few weeks.” I say nothing more, and walk out without another word.

I’ll apologize for my cold exit when I get back.

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  1. Great start in the story loving the first and second Chapter ……can’t wait in till the next inStallment Keep up the great work in your writing ! 💜

  2. I’m enjoying this new version. I’m one of the ones who had read the original – looking forward to seeing what changes you’ve made.

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