These are stories that are based off of True Blood, Southern Vampire Mysteries and so on. Remember, I do this for fun, not profit!

I Know, You KnowTrue Blood Season 2

  • (AU/OOC) During True Blood S2E8, Lorena pays Bill back for choosing a human over her. After the death of Godric, Sookie finds Eric deeply depressed and ready to give up on life. What happens when she comes up with a solution to save the Viking from the same fate of his maker?

Counting On You True Blood Season 4

  • Sookie comes to realize she has feelings for Eric. She knew she could count on him to protect her. But what happens when he has to count on her to protect him? Meanwhile, trouble abounds when a new vampire decides to come to Louisiana to stop three witches from wreaking havoc with the Sheriff of Area 5.  Not the amnesia storyline. During She’s Not There.

To Be or Not To Be – True Blood Season 3, Episode 1

  • (OOC/AU) She was sent to spy on the vampires of Louisiana. She’s recently discovered that the Viking is an innocent in the queen’s schemes; and the telepath is also another innocent victim in Compton’s attentions and in the queen’s web of bullshit. What will she do to help them?

The Strangers Next Door True Blood Season 1

  • Pre-Great Revelation. OC/OC Eric/Sookie. AU. What happens when two strange, but handsome men move in across the cemetery from Sookie and her best friend Jade Valentine?

Seven DaysTrue Blood Season 4, Episode 2

  • What happens when a stranger offers Eric and Sookie 7 days to learn more about each other? Will they learn to trust each other or themselves? Takes place during Season 4, episode 2.

Big MistakesSouthern Vampire Mysteries

  • AH AU. Six years ago Sookie lost her journal that contained her deepest, darkest secrets. What happens when she finds it in the hands of Eric Northman? Eric/Sookie and Pam/Tara pairings.

Eternal Destiny Series

In the BeginningTrue Blood Season 1

  • (AU/OOC) Jade Valentine is the sheriff of Area 5 and a 4000 year old, psychic. What will Jade do when the Queen sends Bill Compton to procure a Telepath? Meanwhile, she notices an attraction between Eric Northman, her friend and her second in command, and the Telepath. The first in “The Eternal Destiny Series.

Follow the Rabbit to DallasTrue Blood Season 2

  • Sequel to “In the Beginning.” Jade has been having strange dreams, all which leads her to Dallas, Texas. What could be in Texas that’s causing her to dream? Meanwhile, new enemies arise as she prepares to be sworn in as the new Queen of Louisiana.

Missing the Rabbit in MississipiTrue Blood Season 3

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