These are stories that are based off of True Blood, Southern Vampire Mysteries and so on. Remember, I do this for fun, not profit!

Big MistakesSouthern Vampire Mysteries

  • After graduating high school, she gets a job at Merlotte’s living in her Gran’s house with her Best friend Amelia Broadway. It’s been a few years since she seen her crush Eric. He invites her to the reunion and plans to admit his true feelings to her.

Destiny True Blood Season 1 /Southern Vampire Mysteries

  • (AU/OOC) Jade Valentine is the psychic vampire Sheriff of Area 5. What will Jade do when the queen sends Bill Compton to procure a telepath? Will she let Sophie Ann get away with it or will she step in and interfere with the Queen’s plans? Meanwhile, she notices an attraction between her friend and 2nd in command Eric Northman, and the telepath. She decides to find a way to bring them two together, for she feels that they are a fated couple. Will she succeed or will things crash and burn in the end?

I Know, You Know True Blood Season 2

  • (AU/OOC) During True Blood S2E8, Lorena pays Bill back for choosing a human over her. After the death of Godric, Sookie finds Eric deeply depressed and ready to give up on life. What happens when she comes up with a solution to save the Viking from the same fate of his maker?

Counting On You True Blood Season 4

  • Sookie comes to realize she has feelings for Eric. She knew she could count on him to protect her. But what happens when he has to count on her to protect him? Meanwhile, trouble abounds when a new vampire decides to come to Louisiana to stop three witches from wreaking havoc with the Sheriff of Area 5.  Not the amnesia storyline. During She’s Not There.


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